Yahoo! CEO Interview

In the latest edition of Fast Company, Harry McCracken interviews the three year tenured Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer and their new approaches to pivot the company back into outstanding earnings. She seems to have a great charismatic theme about her. Using Apple products, a MacBook and iPhone, she explains her future with Yahoo beginning with searching and pivoting to the mobile era. Beginning at Google and a 13 year tenure, she has watched Yahoo turn and burn five CEO’s. She is now taking the step to find a niche for Yahoo that will attract both users and marketers.The new niche market has an ambiguous acronym of “Ma VeNS: mobile apps, video, native advertising (i.e., marketing messages that mimic the format of the content they appear with), and social.” As many marketers and industry buffs have seen the changes of mobile marketing and advertising. Cathleen Ryan, director of advertising for Turbo Tax states, “At this point, mobile is not only where the puck is going, it’s where the puck is.” Ms. Mayer recognizes the importance to save her company and defines mobile as their savior. In 2014, the first year to see mobile revenue, grossed about $1.2 billion with the third highest in mobile revenue next to Google and Facebook. At the beginning phase of the pivotal business model, Ms. Mayer describes the urgency “We had to build that—the people, the core competencies, the product base, the users, the traffic, ad that revenue—from scratch, and we did it really quickly.” The reminder of gaining speed to catch up to Google or Facebook is not one of their motivators. In fact, Yahoo keeps their focus on creating content rather than try to chase money. One of the biggest catches Yahoo acquired was not a multi-billion dollar company like it has been doing, Tumblr being one. Turns out talent is the key to Yahoo and its new direction. Adam Cahan, found of IntoNow which was acquired by Yahoo, was Ms. Mayer’s inspiration. Cahan and Mayer collectively chose to use native apps instead of HTML5. Native apps are designed with the operating system (OS), iOS or Android, in mind and using the attributes of the OS. HTML5 was described as “jerky” and “laggy” and did not do well with each mobile OS. Ms Mayer, with her cunning mind, got together with Cahan and ventured to find the “dream team.” As they both embarked to find the best talent, they made their dream team of 500 mobile staffers. Mayer is described as an easy going and understandable person, but making sure the tiniest thing makes a great product. Now, Mayer’s determination to find the best talent and create great content, founded Yahoo Gemini. The merging powers of native apps and advertising makes for the perfect mobile marketing campaign. With mobile as the top priority at Yahoo and the use of its native apps and displaying ads is the marketing dream. Yahoo will be able to capture a target audience with millions of users on Yahoo Mail, Yahoo News, Yahoo Messenger, and Yahoo Digest. Mayer does agree that mobile will not bring Yahoo out from under the clouds just yet, but its quiet a start. As digital marketers and business owners, we need to praise Mayer for bringing Yahoo Gemini. The ability to create user friendly and quality only brings more users with a better chance of exposing your business. We are constantly trying to find the best solutions for marketing and the best and newest technology to expose your business to current and prospective customers. I want what is best for your business and attracting the right customers while increasing sales. Contact us today and find the difference using mobile advertising.Joseph Johnson, President & CEOOC Web Marketing Solutions

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