Top Google Nexus 7 Features to Secure With Insurance

After the Tablet market was dazzled by the iPad 2, many companies tried to come up with their own tablets to match up to the new tablet features. Some of them had Windows OS running, and some directly came out with Google’s Android OS.

Kindle, one of the many e-book readers also came out with extraordinary features. Now the whole tablet market is filled with exceptional gadgets and it’s difficult to identify which is the best one they’re all under the same spotlight.

Google jumps in the product market

Google also followed the footsteps of other tablet manufacturers to come across the product market, expanding its revenue line to invest from services to the product sector. That is how Google Nexus 7 came into being. The company has been doing a great business in this line and all who want to look for tablets compare all the different competitive ones to go for just one. For those who are interested to know more about the Google Nexus 7, here are the features.

Google Nexus 7 Features

1) Nexus 7 is lighter, slimmer and slicker to rest in your hand easily.
2) It has a high pixel density of 1280 X 800 Display.
3) The touch glass is scratch resistant made of the ‘Corning’ glass.
4) You have more than one million pixels resting in your hand, and you will see their results in sharper images, brighter and vibrant HD movies and vivid game playing to enjoy. All is smooth and intriguingly dynamic.
5) The tablet can run for 9 hours straight with any media playing, 10 hours when you browse on the internet, and has a stand by time of 300 hours.
6) The battery is lithium ion, and it gets charged in no time. You plug it in and the next thing you know is, it is charged.
7) The tablet is designed to keep the delight of gamers in mind. It has a quadcore performance accelerometer.
8) You can access above 225k apps and games from the Google app store with Android OS. It is more than any other app store from any other brand.
9) The display comes in with the NVIDA Tegra quadcore processor. It has a GPU of A 12 core and runs multiple apps within no time.
10) The CPU is patented 4-PLUS-1.
11) The OS is Android 4.1 jelly Bean with smartest widgets from Google.
12) You can now have access to the largest collection of text material in the form of books and journals, magazines, and novels, etc., through your dedicated Nexus, Android account.

One factor however has to be looked into, and that is the security and protection of such gadgets. Why not get a quote for tablet insurance and get it protected against theft or accidental damage. It’s definitely worth considering for such an valuable gadget.

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