Stressed? No worries. A gizmo to calm your brainwaves

Research around the 60’s indicated a normal person has around 60,000 thoughts in a day. In the last decade this number went upto around 1,00,000 thoughts. Consider this a stressed out person can have as many 2,00,000 thoughts in a day. Which indicates stress is on the increase and some of the reasons could be work pressures increasing, coping with the consumeristic lifestyle and bombardment of multiple media on our senses.

Our brain has several brainwaves. In our waking hour its beta brainwaves, the sleepy state is alpha brainwaves, a deeper state of sleep is theta and the deepest state is the state of delta brainwaves. Interestingly one of the biggest differences between a stressed out person and a blissful meditating monk is the state of their brain i.e. their brainwaves. What if something could replicate the Blissful Meditating Monk state in a stressed out person? Well that is a reality now if Rohan Dixit of is to be believed.

BrainBot uses a brainwave headset to literally read your mind, turning the internal process of mindfulness into objective measure. This technology-assisted mental practice makes training your brain easier and more efficient.

Rohan and his team of neuro scientists went high up in the himalayas and using bio feedback equipment captured the brainwaves of meditating monks.

I met Rohan at SAP Techniversity 2014, where he was a speaker. The latest innovation from Brainbot is a band that you can wear around your chest. It detectes your “internal” state and changes it to a state of mindfulness and bliss. I haven’t had a chance to try out his products but definitely look forward to. Look out for more on this in the near future.

Interestingly Rohan presented a gadget through which a person who has a handicap of one sense can decipher information through another sense. What that means a blind person would be able to “see” the new information and a deaf person able to “hear”. Truly fascinating!

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