Review of Binaural beats meditation

We are living in modern times, conditioned by gadgets, driven by technology, we have virtually everything at the touch of a button. The image of a safforn clad monk on top of a mountain of the good old ages isn’t something most will identify with. Yet peace is in demand, everybody wants peace and what if you can peace on demand?

Peace on Demand

mindfulnessConsider it your wish granted that you can have peace at the click of a button, thanks to Binaural beats. The science of binaural beats occurs naturally in the brain. A separate sound frequency (sounds like a tone) is sent to the left and right ears through headphones. Upon hearing the two frequencies, the brain responds by interpreting the two frequencies as one consistent, rhythmic sound frequency (tone), know as a binaural beat(s). This tone represents the mathematical difference between the two frequencies (Hz) of the left and right tones initially sent to each ear.


Downloading Peace

Chill-Pill-200px-FW-200x200Being a student of mindfulness I can easily tell you the several benefits of being mindful. One of my favorite authors on mindfulness, whose book I am doing a review on this following week,  referred me to The referral coming him held value, though let me confess, I was a bit hesitant to have a headphone on, because mindfulness is more about being present.  I was in for a surprise. Just listening to a minute of Chill Pill track with absolutely stunning piano beats got me into the zone.  It’s one of my favorite tracks I listen to really often now.

Biaural beats galore

I have known and even tried Binaural beats for years now.  I haven’t really found something that hooks me onto it.  In some cases the sound is too harsh, in other cases the sound beats are too “synthetic” meaning lacking the natural flow. does this differently. For example the combination of natural beats like the piano with the theta waves adds to the overall effect. It gives a soothing, natural effect.  It is natural. It is easy on your ears. Chill Pill track is a perfect example of what I mean.


Positive-Thinking-Meditation-200x200I tried another track called Positive Thinking  This track is pure awesome. I pondered why for sometimes.  I hadn’t really gone through the literature while trying it out but later I noticed it has the OM breathing sound.  For those who are new OM is the sound of creation. Try saying  OOOO AAAAA MMMM….. notice the sound starts from lower chakras  oooooo,  goes to the chest area aaaahhhh and then into the higher chakras mmmmmm.   I had learnt this in Sudharshan Kriya meditation class and chanting Om brought about awesome results. I quite smoking too.   Now Positive Thinking track has not just Om breathing sounds, which means your entire body electrical circuit is overhauled,  combined with gentle piano steps in alpha and beta waves.  I do wonder why the theta wave is missing in this  but I guess there must be a valid reason for this.

The Last Word

I am in awe of the inventors and how we are furthering their inventions. Think of the man who invented the wheel. His invention powers our lives even today in better forms.  I ardently believe the test of a good product is when the rubber meets the road i.e. performance.  Both ChillPill and Positive Thinking tracks pass that test.

German experimenter Heinrich Wilhelm Dove first discovered how binaural beats work in 1839. takes it several notches up combining it latest technology.  Listening to the sound tracks featured on this website not just releases feel good endorphins that positively impact your sense of self and belief in your ability to be happy, successful and prosperous but have an overall positive effect that is hard to describe in words.

Do I recommend it?  Absolutely. Go for it.  This is one of my favorite websites now. Listening to the sound tracks not just calms your mind but the natural beats used in it makes listening a pleasure rather than a chore.


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