Raw Power for Women

Nike_Lunar_Cross_Element_1_originalIntensity isn’t a four letter word. Maybe its the euphoria of achievement after struggle that makes it seeminly cool. Intensity sells. Bootcamps bring alive that raw power. Take for instance a workout. It could be a fun workout, or simply a workout….but a INTENSE WORKOUT…brings out that human instinct of survival of the fittest. It brings alive the passion.

Talking fitness Nike has this right combination of raw power combined with technology and power.
Just Do it! Take for instance its latest offering, Nike Lunar Cross. It gives the woman power. Boot camp is becoming a fast favorite of the female athlete. Often completed outdoors, it typically lasts upwards of an hour and includes a running element.

With this method of High Intensity Training in mind, Nike designers set out to create a footwear solution equipped for lengthier workouts completed on a variety of surfaces. The Nike Lunar Cross Element proves to be versatile enough to handle not only the run to and from a boot camp class, but also the variety of movements required throughout the workout.

Cushioning was an important consideration for these longer, cardio-heavy workouts. The Nike Lunar Cross Element features new full-length Lunarlon cushioning that is softer, lighter and more durable than the previous version used in the Nike Lunar Element. It extends from the heel to the forefoot for a soft and responsive feel.

“We know that quite a bit of activity in High Intensity Training occurs in the forefoot,” says Nicole Mueller, the Nike Women’s Training Footwear Design Director. “Having cushioning there is key for drills such as mountain climbers or box jumps.”

he shoe’s three-millimeter offset, coupled with the thin Lunarlon cushioning system, puts the female athlete in a more natural stance. This helps keep her stable as she navigates the myriad movements of High Intensity Training. The thin web rubber outsole is lightweight and flexible, while also featuring an aggressive traction pattern for outdoor training.

The Nike Lunar Cross Element also features Nike dynamic Flywire, which loosens and tightens with the movement of the foot for an adaptive fit. The Flywire cables are encased in molded channels to help the upper of the shoe wrap the foot.

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