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Leadership in management probably the most emphasized subject in management. Rightly so, being the engine of growth and much more, others follow the leader. In an organization, in an economy, in a country, in a team and almost everywhere one of the fastest ways for change to happen is Leadership. Talking about innovation if the leading companies make room for that the industry progresses and its an evolution of sorts.

Just back from the HP Asia Pacific Media Summit, it is heartening to see leading companies like HP commit to innovation in a huge way. As I said before leadership can make a huge difference. HP is one of the leaders in technology and technology advisory and consulting. I don’t need to quote the gaffes of the leadership of 80’s and 90’s and how little room they had for change and innovation. Noteworthy is the famous quote by Bill Gates “640 kB ought to be enough for anybody”. Microsoft should thank their lucky stars for getting on top. The leadership today is much more informed about the need for innovation and don’t just bank on their lucky stars!

Take energy for instance. While being green maybe “in” and lot of organizations “talk” about it, HP is one of companies that is walking its talk. HP Apollo Servers can be termed as where the rubber meets the road meaning real delivery and not just sound bytes. Interestingly HP Apollo family consists of high-performance computing (HPC) systems, capable of delivering up to four times the performance of standard rack servers while using less space and energy. Energy saving is the need of the hour and so is computing. HP addresses this concern not just as the micro level but also at the macro level in terms of security and cloud.

HP Apollo 8000 system
The sun is shining bright for the IT industry and the Cloud has a big role to play in this. Of course mobility is another area. HP has gone further in timeline in terms of combining cloud, mobility and security. All three crucial areas now and in coming years. What it essentially means is that HP helps organizations navigate the complex process of IT transformation and develop a robust strategy to take advantage of these new dynamics for services and processes that drive innovation and growth. This could mean enhanced services such as end-to-end consulting, assessments and interactive workshops for IT strategy planning, enterprise architecture, IT governance, organisational change management, applications modernization and executable roadmaps.

According to IDC, the rise and convergence of the four pillars of cloud, social, mobile and big data is having a transformative effect across all industries. By 2020, IDC expects the Asia Pacific (excluding Japan) information and communications technology (ICT) industry to generate almost $900 billion in spending, with more than 55 percent coming from technologies and solutions that drive the four pillars.(1)

Organizations are under increasing pressure to respond to this rapid shift and take advantage of the New Style of IT to transform their operations, improve their competitiveness and enhance customer interactions. These organizations are looking for strategic partners to help them navigate ongoing change and increasing complexity, while responding to citizens and customers and capturing new opportunities.

Bruce Dahlgren, HP Asia Pacific and Japan, announces HP Advisory Service...According to Bruce Dahlgren, senior vice president “HP Advisory Services provide the fastest path to solutions that enable the New Style of IT.” He further adds “By leveraging our expertise across the entire IT environment, including innovative solutions for big data, cloud, mobility and security, HP Enterprise Services is helping organizations develop and execute a tailored transformation strategy with clear business impact.”

Talking about security, organizations face on average 122 successful attacks per week. With this constant threat of attack, security teams are no longer driven by whether their organization will be breached, but rather by the assumption that it has already been breached—leaving critical data exposed. To prevent sensitive information from being stolen in the aftermath of a network breach, organizations turn to encryption to proactively protect data as it travels on open networks or is stored in the cloud.

HP Atalla solutions support data whether it’s at rest, in motion or in use—across cloud, on-premises and mobile environments—to ensure continuous protection of an organization’s most sensitive information.

“As organizations embrace the New Style of IT, protecting sensitive information as it moves within and outside the enterprise becomes more critical than ever before,” said Art Gilliland, senior vice president and general manager, Enterprise Security Products, HP. “Building on decades of leadership in information protection, we are now extending the scale and power of HP Atalla’s encryption technology from the datacenter to the cloud—safeguarding data regardless of where it resides.”

Interestingly for HP its been more than 35 years of innovation in encryption technology. They also claim market leadership in protecting trillions of dollars annually for nine out of 10 of the world’s largest banks, new HP Atalla solutions deliver advanced protection for data stored on-premises and in the cloud, as well as unstructured data such as confidential emails, payment information and electronic health records. Designed for organizations that need to protect sensitive information, including financial institutions, retailers, energy companies, healthcare providers and governments, HP Atalla solutions provide added protection against the exposure of sensitive data while supporting optimal performance and flexibility.

“As the largest processor of Visa debit transactions globally, Visa Debit Processing Services is responsible for securing more than 23 billion debit transactions in the U.S. and prepaid transactions in the U.S. and Canada on an annual basis,” said Chris James, senior vice president, Product Development, Issuer Processing, Visa Inc. “HP Atalla is a critical piece of our enterprise IT portfolio, delivering innovative security solutions with the operational excellence, performance and reliability that helps Visa DPS enable secure access to business-critical payment processing data.”

The Last Word
Think about it what would an organization information flow be like let’s say in 2035? Or what would IT be like in 2025? We live in a world where the seeds are sown prior to the harvest. Now is the time to sow those seeds of innovation so that the fruits can be both juicy and nutritious both in terms of technology and profits.

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