Moto G (3rdGen) – It’s in the Pedigree

moto 3rd genMotorola, the inventor of mobile phones, is back with a bang with it’s 3rd Generation Moto G (3rdGen). Prior to the launch I was wasn’t too sure if the 3rd Generation of the same model was a good idea.  That strategy seemed to have worked really well. But first what’s new in Moto G (3rdGen)


Advanced water resistance :
IPX7-rated protection from splashes and accidental drops in water.

13 MP rear camera, 5 MP front camera
Includes a colour-balancing dual LED flash.

5inch HD display

Corning Gorilla Glass

Expandable memory

Slot for an optional microSD card with up to 32 GB capacity.

A 2470 mAh battery

Browse, stream music, watch video, and play games at blazing speed.



What’s Great about Moto G3
Pure Android Experience
Moto G (3rdGen) gives Pure Android experience which means you don’t have to invest in a Nexus almost 3 times its price.   It’s easy to hold.  No heating problems. No slow apps. No layering. An absolutely wonderful phone overall for the price.


This is a huge plus. Cell phone has become a part of life. This protection from water is not just welcome but something other mobile phone manufacturers should also include.

Extended battery life
Can’t really call this the best but this is far better than previous generations of MotoG


Rock-solid Design
It’s sturdy and rock solid. Phone drops, car key scratches…more or less MotoG is safe from them.  I can say this authority having using this phone really roughly!

The Last Word
It’s raining mobile phones. Every week atleast 2-3 models are launched. Motorola needs to buck up. The pedigree factor maybe an advantage right now, but that just could become a liability if Motorola doesn’t keep its ears and eyes open to the market.




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