Mindful Eating by Jan Chozen Bays

lighthouseOne of my most profound discoveries about life you can either be a plastic bag which simply flows in any direction that breeze blows it or be like a  towering lighthouse which can withstand the greatest storms.  Your light giving direction to hundreds and thousands of ships. It’s a choice that we have at any given moment. A choice between living a wasted life or a precious sparkling life.  If that’s on the physical level, on the mental level we have a choice between living a mindful life or a mindless life. A mindful life is simply fascinating, filled with colors, sparkles and hope. A mindless life is a life survived but never really lived.

Food eaten but never savored

When was the last time you ate your food?  Probably a few minutes or hours ago.  Let me ask another question when was the last time you really savored the food  meaning totally in love with food you were eating, one with the colors, the taste, the textures, bewildered at the exquite shape, literally discovering your food?

The Great Civil War Within

mindfulness 23Tempted in a no win situation where on one end you want to eat, binge, the other end being the bloated self image where every increasing millimeter means decreasing sex appeal.  Like a pendulum the monkey minds oscillates you between temptation and guilt. The struggle with food, distress, shame and depression even almost becomes like a civil war within yourself.

There is hope. Mindful Eating by Jan Chozen Bays is almost like a messiah that guides you into sanity. It turns the act of eating into a meditation rather than struggle.


Eating Mediation

mindfuleating_mediumMindful Eating by Jan Chozen Bays is one of the best guides I have discovered on mindful eating. What makes me awestruck is that simply listening to the guide, not even paying too much conscious attention and the way you look at the food on your table completely changes.  It works!

A total of six recordings and you come out a lot wiser after listening to Mindful Eating.   Jan Chozen Bay’s voice is filled with compassion. Having been a doctor herself she probably can relate to the struggles people have with food.  In a peaceful world besides relationships food is probably the biggest concern. People seem to be at war with it as if it’s the reason for their struggle.

One of my favorites is when Jan Chozen talks about the rituals around food in grand old days. Dinner for example was a time for family to reconnect, spend time together in a way which reinforces the support one has in life.  

Food is energy is another gem from Jan. Think about of the time a growing  vegetable for instance spends in nature, in sunlight, in moonlight, rains etc.  Think about how close it is to nature.  As you expand your consciousness, that very potato which made you conscious about weight earlier or maybe filled you with guilt now becomes a source of joy.

This is an important album especially as you see people either having no time to eat or multi-tasking meaning watching TV, reading messages and eating food, all at the same time.  Notice how mindlessly the food is being eaten in this case.


The Last Word

applesYou can have  the most expensive, exquisite food in the most fancy restauarant yet be hungry and craving for more or you can simply have something as simple as an apple and literally drown yourself in its color, its taste, savoring each bite as if its the most precious food you ever had, as if its the first and the last apple in the world and expand your senses with the beauty and taste of apple.

As a takeaway whether you buy this awesome album or not, try this exercise.  Today pick up your favorite fruit, look at its color, its texture. As you bite it, think about the time this fruit has spent in the sunlight, in the rain…..  Make eating this fruit a meditation.  See what happens.

Mindful Eating is an absolutely delightful album and a recommedation to anyone who wants to not just get the right weight but also enhance his or her practice of mindfulness living overall.




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