LG Electronics launches the 4K OLED television in India

Mr Howard Lee, Director-Home Entertainment, LG India at the 4K OLED LaunchLG Electronics today announced the launch of the World’s First 4K OLED TV in India. The TVs will be available at select LG outlets with effect from today. The industry’s very first combination of 4K ultra high definition and OLED technology is a new benchmark in the flat panel display division. This unique amalgamation, christened the 4K OLED, offers 33 million color sub-pixels and self-lighting pixels for the most lifelike colors and infinite contrast ratio.


Mr. Howard Lee, Director-Home Entertainment, LG India said, “Once again LG has proved that it is a frontrunner when it comes to innovative technology. With the LG 4K OLED TV, we promise consumers in India the ultimate immersive cinematic experience. Time and again we have initiated groundbreaking innovation and raised the bar not only for ourselves, but for the industry as well. This latest OLED TV underscores LG’s commitment to bringing the best in home entertainment to our consumers.”


Based on LG’s proprietary WRGB panel technology, the 4K OLED TV features four color pixel technology delivering the best picture ever. The customized inbuilt Harmon Kardon sound ensures an experience that’s a treat visually and acoustically. This also provides a solution to the dark grays with self-lighting pixels that perfectly express deep black. And, with the 4K resolution, the 4K OLED TV ensures incredible detail even in the dark scenes – detail that would be lost on any other TV.





Picture Perfect

LG’s cutting-edge 4K OLED TV features 33 million color sub-pixels and self-lighting pixels, for the most lifelike colors. Sporting with stunningly slender Art Slim design, this new 5.9 mm slim state-of-the-art TV features a perfect curved body for immersive viewing with wide angles. Unlike in the LED TV, each light-producing pixel of the 4K OLED TV is designed to be independently controlled because of which they react directly to electrical signals leading to 1000 times faster response speed than the normal LED TV. This remarkable leap forward in display technology ensures perfection in every aspect from deepest black, life-like colors to clearer motion.


Vivid Color and Infinite Contrast

The features that elevate this television to the next level include its vivid four color pixel technology that adds a white sub-pixel to the conventional red, green and blue pixels. The television also allows for ultimate contrast with independently lit pixels to control their own luminance. Images are now as real as they can get. With self-lighting pixel technology, the TV can range from blazing white to the darkest black with a greater sense of realism and depth in all content.


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