Indian Ecommerce Trends 2014

eBay India today released the eBay India Census 2014. The report is generated post a thorough analyses of all ecommerce transaction on over an 18 month period. It throws light on consumption patterns across metro, non-metro and rural India and documents trends in online buying, selling & exporting across 28 states & 7 Union Territories in the country and export trends in 206 countries across the globe.

eBay India Census 2014

Key Trends revealed in the eBay India Census 2014:

1. Delhi rated as the No. 1 ecommerce hub and state with maximum no. of mobile phones and accessories sold. Bengaluru gained a position due to higher sales on electronic items like Laptops / Tablets / Cameras

2. Tier II & III cities driving ecommerce in India: ecommerce in India has seen a significant upsurge in the number of people shopping online with its penetration into 4,556 hubs in the country. Online shopping trends observed in these hubs convey the rapid pace at which the 3,313 tier II & III cities (Bharat Hubs) and 1,233 Rural Hubs are catching up with the top 10 metro hubs in the country

3. Women shoppers fuelling lifestyle consumption: Customers have been shopping more for products in the lifestyle category with women shoppers in the country being the prominent contributors to the category. The lifestyle category has increased its share in the pie to 45%, trailing the electronics category by just 2% now as compared to 7% in the previous Census

4. Mobile Commerce to be the future of ecommerce: The increased usage of mobile devices to access the internet in conjunction with the deep penetration of mobile phones in non-metros has led to an increase in the number of people shopping online through their mobile devices. eBay India received 43% of traffic through mobile devices with 60% of products traded through mobile devices in India

5. Push for the ‘Make in India’ campaign: There is a considerable demand in global markets for unique products like Indian jewellery and handicrafts. This growing demand has led to a growth in export hubs to 206 countries on eBay India, thus propelling Hon’ble Prime Minister’s ‘Make in India’ visionary campaign

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