Get Your Prayers Answered with Temple in the Right Direction

A temple in the house is the area of worship and divinity, connecting you with the Supreme Being, says Vastu Shastri Khushdeep Bansal and tells you how to use Vastu to harness this divine energy and awash your home in its ethereal energy.  

You pray regularly. You have set up an elaborate temple in your home and worship the gods. You observe all the festivals and fast. Yet, you feel unhappy, and things are not going right. Sitting in your puja room, you are puzzled and worried because there is no peace. Why does God not answer your prayers? What is wrong here?

It is quite simple when you analyse the situation in the light of Vastu. Your puja room will bring endless blessings, happiness, calm and prosperity if it is located in the correct place, where the energies are most apt to support and strengthen this activity. IF you are not gaining the results of puja and prayer, then your puja room and/or placement of gods and ritual objects is awry.

Puja is a set of rituals performed in connection with worshipping gods (devta) or goddesses (devi). A devta or devi is a deity or particular energy/creative force that guides the soul. When you fold your hands, chant a mantra or light an oil lamp before your god/goddess, you are performing puja. In the Hindu pantheon, particularly, there are so many gods and goddesses, that there are as many different directions and areas over which they reside. Not only deities, but Nature in the form of rocks, trees and other objects are also worshipped, from time to time. Every piece of matter is energy or shakti, and your home is a composite of many varied energies.
directionTo begin with, your house is full of deities or energies that preside over energy in particular places.  Since these locations are fixed, these deities are best worshipped and appeased in their own favoured zones and directions. The power within a Vastu zone can be best utilised when we conduct right activity as per the attributes of the zone.

There are various reasons why you pray and why you perform puja. It is better to know where to locate the puja room or conduct puja according to which god/goddess is to be placed or what the ritual is for. When you pray, you should connect with your inner self, and then with god or universal consciousness, the omnipresent and omniscient divine grace. It is blessings you seek, in the form of health, wealth and happiness.

The North-East Vastu zone governs clarity of mind and wisdom. . It refers to the divine quality of consciousness that man strives for and attains, if all is well.

It is the zone which connects you to the universal consciousness.  It is the ideal zone for the puja room, and will usher in peace, clarity and divine guidance. It is also good for meditation that will connect you with divine energy and bring you insights. This is also the zone for worshipping Shivji and his family, and performing the Panch Devpuja. Otherwise, you need not perform rituals here; just being in this puja space for a while will connect you with your higher self.

There are different locations for pujagriham according to the Vastu Shastra. As far as possible, place the puja altars of the gods and goddesses in their prescribed locations for worship.

You can place a temple in North-East Vastu zone in your house but avoid doing rituals there in daily routine. Rituals can be conducted in the North-North-East and East-North-East Vastu zones but not in North-East as it leads to poor vision and growth.. The Ashwini twins (the divine physicians) are best worshipped in the Vastu zone of health and immunity, North-North-East, and will boost your health. In the North, Ma Laxmi and Ganeshji can be worshipped. A pleased Ma Laxmi brings money and prosperity in her wake, and Lord Ganesh removes obstacles, so an empowered North zone will always be good to attract more money.

The other Vastu zone that is commonly used for the puja room is the South-East or the Agni kon. It is associated with fire and adds the spark that gives life and initiating-strength to all activities. This zone is good for pujas, but only for worshipping Ma Durga. Worshipping other gods here may cause accidents and fear of losing money. Ma Saraswati’s zone is the West-South-West, Vastu zone of education and savings. She will help in focusing your attentions and strengths. That is why MahaVastu experts advise to keep study table in this Vastu zone.

The South-South-East Vastu zone gives you strength and confidence, and typically, Lord Hanuman has pride of place here. Worship Lord Hanuman here and you will receive his blessings in the form of more confidence and mental strength. The South-West or the Nairutyakon is the Vastu zone for ancestors. So, no Dev pujan should be conducted here as it will lead to financial losses. Gurus like Sai Baba, lord Buddha, the Sikh gurus and others, should be worshipped in West zone only. Documented research in Vastu Shastra shows that keeping their idols or photographs in this zone will help you inculcate their teachings and move on the right path to come over your problems.

The South is a good zone to worship Ma Kali, but not effective for other types of pujas. Deep relaxed meditation is best achieved here. Lord Ram, Lord Vishnu and Goddess Laxmi preside over the East zone. This is the zone of associations, and puja performed here will bring favours for politicians and people seeking the limelight.

The East-South-East is the zone of churning, causing extreme restlessness, and is usually not recommended as a puja area. The North-North-West is the area of attraction and abundance, so normally pujas are not recommended here, as the results might swing from one extreme to the other.

Many people who were facing heavy financial losses and consulted us for the same were having a puja room in South-South-West Vastu zone in their homes or offices.South-South-West is the Vastu zone of expenditure and wastage and must be avoided for a puja room. .

Be careful where you place religious symbols. When you learn the scientific logics of Vastu shastra in a case studies based Vastu course, you come to know how religious symbols affect our subconscious mind and our life situations. See that these are in their proper places. You can always check the location of your puja room and placement of gods/goddesses by mapping the directions of your house using an oil filled magnetic compass. If there appears to be a mismatch between present and ideal location, you can always call a Vastu consultant and get expert advice. With minor changes and easy to apply MahaVastu remedies like colours, plants, lights and stones your problem will be taken care of.


Vastu shows the way to use your house space to its best advantage. Make your puja room in its best location and be one with your inner self and with God. Experience the bliss and calm of divine grace.


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