Entrepreneur Mind Training

There is so much funding floating around these. Startup is an industry now. Almost everyday news about funding and new companies nobody has heard of raising millions of dollars. SiliconTap.com has the latest information on funding and silicon valley deals.

Another area that is a hot seller now the psychological area of Entrepreneur Psychology. Entrepreneur Mind Training especially aimed at startups supports and provides the entrepreneur with support and emotional freedom to be able to do what he or she wants to do.

Consider the failure rate of startups. Almost as high as 90% stress is a major cause of concern. Not everyone has the emotional muscle to support themselves. Yet with the right training and mind psychological training it can make all the difference.

So what’s the mindset of a winner? What in the mind of a Successful Entrepreneur?

Startup Motivation and Coaching has modules that cover confidential personalized coaching. Sessions are done on Skype. Worksheets and course material is sent by email. Payment option in installments and single payment  

Modules include

  • Your current mindset blueprint
  • Rewiring your mind for success
  • Getting rid of limiting beliefs
  • Framing information
  • Getting free of -ve attachment
  • Mind modeling success mindsets
  • Setting your course of action
  • Motivation strategies
  • Building emotional muscle to shatter challenges


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